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    10-30 changelog

    ZEMS have been updated and are now LIVE Quests Crusader's test #5 debugged Tesch Val Scrolls exp buffed slightly TT Hunter & Forager Cycle updated Database: VP door fixed by Phara Dar VP misplaced wanderer fixed a lead exporer added to LILO(needto add loot when db behaves) Leash range has...
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    Database * LOS has been turned off for Unrest - sorry for the inconvenience * Zoning to Nexus from the Bazaar you will now be facing the correct way upon arrival (this time for real) * Ragebringer will no longer proc it's worn effect * Burning Woods - Naxot Deepwater is now on a 1 Hour Respawn...
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    Newbie Quest Armor

    AkAnon - All Classes Available Cabilis - ???? Erudin - All Classes Not Available Felwithe - All Classes Available Freeport - All Classes Available Grobb - Beastlord Armor Only Halas - Beastlord Armor Only Kaladim - All Classes Available Kelethin - All Classes Available Neriak - All Classes...