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Welcome to Wayfarers Haven. If you already had a Project 2002 account, it has been fully migrated and you can log in using it without registering for a new account. If you are new to the servers, Please Join us in our Haven!

Accounts and You


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Accounts and You

Game Account Management - https://www.wayfarershaven.com/index.php?login-server/

Account Sharing / Giving Away

There needs to be some clarification as many users have come to us recently with questions regarding accounts and what is/is not allowed to be done with them.
  • Forums accounts are NOT to be shared under any circumstances. If a user has been found sharing or providing access to their forum account, they will be banned.
  • Game Accounts are allowed to be shared for short or long term, however they may NOT be sold for RMT, in-game currency, items or services. Users found selling accounts will be banned.
  • While Game account sharing is allowed (Not recommended), the forum account is ultimately responsible for all actions. GM's will not refund any items. Also any actions by a GM will apply to the entire forum account even if it was another player was using that game account.
  • Users are only allowed One Forum Account. If you have more than one Forum Account, please let a GM know right away so we can merge them.
  • If you have or need an IP exemption, please post the request in the IP Exemption Request Thread. *NOTE* Your account will be scrutinized much more if you have an exemption. This is ONLY for users who have multiple players at the same location (e.g. Spouse, roommate, significant other, etc). We will not hesitate to take action if we determine people are abusing the requests.

These Rules are in place to ensure we can track users that are attempting to RMT (A few have actually been caught and banned because of it).
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