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Changelog 01/03/2020


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Patch - 01/03/2020

Server Rules
  • Issue #F6350 - Worn HP Regen has been correctly updated to 35 for our era. (Hotfixed)
Database NPC
  • Issue #F6406 - Amalgamation of Honor's Spirits - Faction was not correctly linked for Battalion of Marr
  • Issue #F6391 - a sonic pup/a sonic wolfling - Will now have a chance to drop Sonic Wolf Tongue
  • Issue #F6147 - A Small Tree Frog created and added to the spawn groups for the DC pets
  • Issue #F6406 - Symbol of the Ducee - Faction requirement for quest was too strong, lowered by one faction level
  • Issue #I035 - Ring 9/10 - Faction requirement changed to only require Dubious
  • New Firewall and Server are in place
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