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Changelog 2/15/2020 - Veksar Open

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New Spell File - Run Patcher

Since the rediscovery of the lands of Kunark, there have been rumors springing from the ancient lore of the Iksar. Most of those rumors remain unfounded, as gaining access to the lore of the insular Iksar is no easy task. One of the most persistent legends is about a city that lies buried under a lake.

  • Issue #I92 - Divine Barrier and Aura can now be scribed at the same time.
  • Issue #I77 - Willsapper should show procs in logs now
  • Issue #F6506 - A Lucid Shard will now drop from A Thought Leech in The Deep
  • Issue #F6503 - A Frenzied Rockhopper, An Elder Rockhopper have a chance to drop higher quality hides.
  • Issue #F6501 - A Marked Signet is now returned on combine failure.
  • Issue #F6488 - Malarian Wing item now drops from the correct mobs
  • Issue #F6473 - PoTimeB Vallon Zek Adds are now snareable
  • Issue #F6468 - SolRo Encounter has been revamped, Max Damage per hit has been lowered, but many of his other stats have been increased. The fight will most likely take a bit longer due to updated AC and HP values, which were too low.
  • Issue #F6446 - Galdon Vok Nir no longer gives you a Beta Neutral hit
  • Issue #F6412 - Rallos Zek has had his resists lowered slightly however his other stats that were lower than they should of been have been increased.
  • Issue #F6471 - Seething Hatred Pushback has been adjusted (PoTB Inny)
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