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Changelog 2/17/2020 - PoP Tier Two/Three (Hotfix)


Staff member
Planes of Power access - Planes of Power has provided us with valuable insight into the group and guild dynamics that are involved in large scale games. The way that we had expected guilds to advance through the story of Planes of Power has become a problem for some guilds as some members have fallen behind and found it difficult to catch up. Obviously this was not our intention. We want people to play with their friends and guild mates.

To correct this issue, we will be allowing characters to enter the following Planes of Power zones by meeting a simple level requirement:

Level 55 and over.
  • Plane of Storms.
  • Plane of Torment.
  • Plane of Valor.
  • Crypt of Decay.
Level 62 and over.
  • Bastion of Thunder.
  • Halls of Honor.
Characters that don't meet the level requirement may still enter these zones using the existing flags, and raids may still bring additional unflagged or lower level characters with them. All other planes with flag or story requirements for entry will still require those flags, and those flags can still be obtained as they always have.

This will make the majority of Planes of Power zones available to characters over the minimum level, and will allow their guilds to travel and adventure together in the planes.