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Guild Instances and PoP PuG Raid Requirements for Dynamic Zones (Update 6/15/2020)


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With the introduction of the Dynamic Zone (DZ) system WFH now has two types of instances: Guild-specific and DZ. In both cases Gozer the Gatekeeper will port you to your guild instance....he is found at the entrance inside the public zone.

Guild-Specific Instances:
Guild-specific Instances are for raiding, ZEMS will be reduced in Instances and no non-raid named will spawn in instances....ie Shissar Mystic will not spawn in SSRA instance. Future content is planned for use with the DZ system so guild-specific instances will only exist for pre-Planes of Power conent (TOV/Sleepers/Ssra/VT/Inner AC/Seru Inner Arx).

Guild Jumping has a 1 week lockout period for that toon in guild-specific instances.

Guilds instances are only created by GMs, thus it will have to be an established guild to have earned an instance....and its pretty easy to track accounts. Public zone raid targets are off-limits for guilds who have raid instances, these open raid targets are for new up and coming guilds or PUGS----See PuG Rules Below.

Moving forward with pug raids (in pre-PoP content): with the ability to abuse the pugs to double dip there are some updates to the public instance pug rules.
1. Non-PoP Content 75% MAX of one guild.
2. PuGs in public zones that guild-specific instances still exist (e.g. TOV/Sleepers/Ssra/VT/Inner AC/Seru Inner Arx) must be posted on the forums at least 24 Hours in advance of the raid.
3. PuGs will use the base zone, no instance.

Open zone raid targets are off-limits for guilds who have raid instances, these open raid targets are for new up and coming guilds or PUGS----See Pug Rules Below.

Anyone can petition (/guide) and send screenshots to report offenders killing raid targets in zones which they have a guild-specific instance. First offense will be all loot stripped and flags removed, as well as those in the raid of the offending guild getting a raid vacation. As always, if anyone has any questions or needs clarification feel free to send a GM a tell or a PM on the forums.

Dynamic Zone Instances:
Zones that can use DZ's do not spawn raid mobs (e.g. Xegony, Guardian of Doomfire to trigger Fennin Ro event, etc) and thus you must use a DZ to kill those mobs or gain those progression flags. There are no guild member restrictions (in relation to raid composition) for DZ's as they can be done wholly as a guild or as a PuG.

Successfully killing raid targets will set a lockout timer for each member in the DZ; you will not be able to start that DZ raid until your timer has expired. This may mean you locked yourself out of raiding with your guild if you PuG or otherwise a DZ. Staff will not reset timers because you "didn't know".

As stated previously in the generic rules section: double-dipping loot in DZ will result in a permanent BAN on your account. If you figure out how, don't do it and don't spread the information.

PoP zones without a DZ Instance:
Plane of Justice
Plane of Nightmare
Plane of Storms

Pop Zones with a partial DZ Instance:
PoDisease Grummus castle
PoInnovation Factory
PoTorment Saryn Tower
Bastion of Thunder 2nd floor Lightning Phallus

Fully Instanced Zones:
Halls of Honor A
Halls of Honor B
Nightmare B (Terris Thule's Lair)
PoValor Aerin Dar Area
Crypt of Decay
PoFire (both mini-s and the Tyrant)
PoWater (both mini-s and Coirnav)
PoEarthBEarth B
Solro Tower (both mini-s and Prince of Fire)

Specific named are found here>> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ntbRWRMnf6VfAphVWHpnOjGIMFmEUpkvqmnutTawfgY/edit#gid=0

Final Note:
We are leaving Kael/Akheva/Griegs/TheDeep/Skyshrine/Thurg/DN as normal raid zones.....guilds will have to figure out how they want to handle rotations for that content. In other words, these are free-for-all zones.
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