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Patch - 03-02-2020 - AM


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Spell File Updated - Please Patch

  • Issue #F6531 - Explorer Gamus was removed from Veksar... Then Re-Added... Then a PH was added.. Just read the thread ;)
  • Issue #I105 - PoTimeB Tallon Zek enrages as he should
  • Issue #I102 - Bard Items with Singing Mods now correctly show the singing modifier
  • Issue #I101 - Ostorm will now only reset skills to 49 when they are greater than 49
  • Issue #I90 - Fungus Covered Vial will now drop with 10 charges instead of 1
  • Issue #XXXX - Fixed new player binds so they will not be dropped at 0,0,0
  • Issue #I86 - Avian Key is no longer No Rent
  • Issue #I85 - High level mage pets other than Air are no longer allowed in Airplane
  • Issue #I40 - Donal's Legs should no longer require mana and are clicky from inventory
  • Issue #I38 - Golden Sapphire Earring sell price adjusted
  • Issue #I27 - Collapsed Jeweler's Kit should be fixed now
  • Issue #F6524 - Rizlona's Chestplate now has Parry
  • Issue #F6511 - Bidilis' Hauberk of the Elusive now has accuracy
  • Issue #F6513 - Oil of Fennin Ro has been added to Zordak Ragefire's Merchant List.
  • Issue #F6522 - Eye of Eternal Fire added to the other pheonix drop tables in PoFire.
  • Issue #F6517 - Obsidianwood Sap is now dropping from more spiders in PoFire.
  • Issue #I104 - AERamp was adjusted to not hit the tank IF there are other people on the NPC's hatelist when the check hits. (Already applied)
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