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Patch Day - Saturday May 2nd, 2020 @ 10AM Eastern

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Patch Day - May 2nd, 2020 @ 10AM Eastern - Possibly an extended downtime.

Run Patcher as Usual

  • Complete Inventory code revamp (EQEmu)
    • What does this mean?
      • Essentially it corrected some issues with the way the inventory system handles specific slots that were kinda hacky.
      • You should honestly see no difference in play from a players perspective.
  • Complete Pathing system revamp (EQEmu)
    • What does this mean?
      • It means alot. Our existing pathing system while it used navmesh had lots of issues, as it had been presenting itself much more recently with mobs disappearing under the ground and roaming that would just stop.
      • This was a Complete Overhaul of the pathing system which has dramatically helped the pathing accuracy, however it is not perfect and there are a few trouble spots. Particularly with npc's that path back to a "Pedestal type area" This means a location that would normally not have a clean path to without a special Jump/Warp or Portal back. A good example is the Rathe Council Pedestals or Statue in Kael. So until a fix is created, some of these NPC's have been moved off of their pedestals or ledges to prevent the issues. The overall pathing improvements outweigh the negatives that come along with it.
      • NPC's that are tagged as flying (Read: Not npc's that look like they are flying) will now ignore all pathing and Fly Directly to the player if they have LoS. This makes them look and act like they are flying. Note that Bats as an example, while they have the model of a flying npc, are not actually tagged as flying. Flying mobs will be rare and are typically npc's that are far out, up on ledges or such. (Example would be gargoyles in The Hole v2)
  • Doing my best to mess up New Dawns PoTime Timers.
  • Complete Item Table conversion to PEQ based table.
    • What does this mean?
      • This means you WILL see some item differences with things such as.
      • Many items that did not stack before will now stack
      • Many stackable items will now stack to 100
      • Some items now have an updated icon (example; Muffin Tins and Habanero Peppers).
      • Some Items now have an updated wear graphic (example; TDoK and Zlandi's Heart)
      • All Items that should, now have Aug Slots
      • All Items that should, now have Frogloks And Zkrs
      • The item database is MUCH larger and may cause confusion as there are some duplicates of items as well as items that are well outside of our current and future era. In the future I will be pruning this list down and making many items hidden on allaclone, but not at the moment.
      • It is possible that some items may have slight stat inaccuracies, if they do, please hold the item on the cursor if you have it and #issue the problem.
    • Why Do this?
      • This essentially allowed us to import all of the future era items without having to manually import items as we go, which would of been much more difficult. Now as we move into LoY+ all of the items already exist in the database.
      • Lets not forget not having to manually add Augs, Frogs, Zkrs and such to ALL items.
    • Who do we have to thank for this work?
      • Grokii was instrumental in helping with the giant SQL matchup between WFH Item id's and PEQ Item id's
  • SSRA - Corpse summon exploit patched.... This is why we can't have nice things

Huffins Menagerie of Mysteriously Manageable Modifications.
  • PoStorms
    • an_aimless_adventurer, a_forgotten_traveler, a_storm_battered_traveler, a_tempest_torn_traveler, a_storm_drenched_nophtan,a_hurricane_nophtan, Wembly_the_Forlorn,Grok,Krelk_the_Drifter now on the correct askr faction
    • Zertuken_the_Unyielding remove item that should not be dropping
    • Drornok_Tok_Vo`Lok increase proc % chance, add paladin spell list
  • PoValor
    • a_planarian_larvae the smaller version can be snared
    • An_Undead_Doorman reduce rare loot drop percentages
    • An_Undead_Footman reduce rare loot drop percentages
    • A_Luminii_Crawler reduce rare loot drop percentages
  • PoNightmareA
    • a_tar`dak_hunter summons, see invis, increase max dmg, reduce atk delay, lower drop chance on Ivory Claw Necklace
    • a_predatory_creeper see invis, reduce atk delay
    • Untel`Dak quads Vhaksiz_the_Shade triples
  • Great Divide
    • reduce drop rate of Cured Tizmak gear
  • PoInnovation
    • a_tin_soldier reduce rare loot drop percentages
  • World Spawns - Adjust respawn timers to be more era-accurate
    • Gorenaire
    • Severilous
    • Talendor
    • Lord_Nagafen
    • Lady_Vox
    • Faydedar
    • All Temple of Veeshan raid named
    • King_Tormax
    • Zlandicar
    • Klandicar
    • Sontalak
    • Dain_Frostreaver_IV
    • Lord_Yelinak
    • Velketor_the_Sorcerer
  • Hole
    • added missing Loam Encrusted Robe to drop tables
  • Karnor
    • Venril_Sathir quest-spawned-version reduce proc rate
  • PermaFrost
    • The_Icebound_Spirit decrease mindmg/maxdmg, increase HP, decrease atk delay
  • Feerott
    • The_Spirit_of_Decay decrease atk delay
  • Lesser FayDark
    • The_Spirit_of_Malevolence increase HP, decrease atk delay
  • Emerald Jungle
    • The_Spirit_of_Rage increase HP, add slow immunity, charm immunity, mez immunity, remove quad attack, add small chance to flurry, Petrifying Fear is now an attack proc
  • PoFire
    • Fennin_Ro,_The_Tyrant_of_Fire 100% chance to drop essence
  • PoEarthB
    • Avatar_of_Earth 100% chance to drop essence
  • PoWater
    • Coirnav_the_Avatar_of_Water 100% chance to drop essence
  • Eastern Wastes
    • Rygorr: reduce drop rate of Orc Fang Earring
  • Maidens
    • Vellar Toranalis add missing coterie spell set
    • fixed attack proc Drain Blood to the correct spell ID for the coterie spell set
    • an_umbrous_toiler remove Centi Longsword from loot table, reduce drop chance for Centi weapons
    • Added missing NPC Xi_Thall
    • Goranga nameds: increase size
  • Akheva
    • Centi: reduce drop rate of Centi weapons
    • An_Akhevan_lifetaker increase HP, reduce mindmg, increase maxdmg, increase atk delay, see invis
    • The_Va`Dyn reduce atk delay, reduce MR FR CR, increase DR PR, remove quad attack, reduce HP, add missing Attack Proc: Storm Tremor
    • Xi_Xaui add missing Attack Proc: Shadow Fog
    • Xi_Vius add missing Attack Proc: Shadow Fog
    • A_chanting_shade add missing Attack Proc: Shadow Fog
    • A_wailing_shade add missing Attack Proc: Shadow Fog
  • Tenebrous
    • fix coterie's and vampyres spell sets
  • TheGrey
    • a_boulder_fiend now procs Disease Touch
    • a_Xakra_Shah/A_Xakra_Sei remove Pebble Rain spell, Flurry of Pebbles is now chain cast, unsnareable
    • a_boulderling add attack proc Boulder Smash, add spell Flurry of Pebbles + Granite Crush, unsnareable
    • a_timeless_golem/an_eternal_golem remove see invis
    • a_Shissar_Stalker/a_Shissar_Revenant added Attack Proc: Column of Fire
  • Fungusgrove
    • Draz_Nurakk remove quad ability, add low chance to flurry, reduce mindmg/maxdmg
    • Draz_Nurakk`s_Warder remove quad ability, reduce mindmg/maxdmg
  • Umbral
    • Gantru_Dralkenr now rampages, adjusted spawn group so he now has 100% chance to spawn but on a much longer respawn timer
    • a_gantru_raldukan reduce HP, remove quad attack, can snare, increase MR
    • A_Dark_Assassin remove incorrect snare, add correct Attack Proc: Dooming Darkness
    • Zone-Wide: reduce drop rate of armor
  • Veksar
    • Reduce drop chance of Band of Twilight
  • PoNightmare
    • an_infernal_consort reduce drop chance of rare items
    • a_predatory_creeper reduce drop chance of rare items
  • Item Animations
    • mace of the ancients pet melee animation fixed
    • SwarmPetPaladin pet melee animation fixed
    • SwarmPetShadowknight pet melee animation fixed
    • SwarmPetWarrior pet melee animation fixed
    • SwarmPetRogue pet melee animation fixed
  • Temple Of Veeshan
    • Flurry drakes have regained their namesake
  • PoTactics
    • a_Stampeding_Piglet adjust loot tables to be more accurate
  • Kael
    • Dlammaz_Stormslayer summons, lower mindmg/maxdmg, increase MR DR PR CR
    • Keldor_Dek`Torek summons, increase MR CR
    • Irrek_Bloodfist lower HP, increase MR CR, lower mindmg, higher max dmg
    • Velden_Dragonbane lower HP, increase MR CR, lower mindmg, higher max dmg
  • Charasis
    • Drusella_Sathir lower mindmg, increase maxdmg, increase all resists, cannot charm, cannot pac, add missing Attack Proc: Life Leech
  • Thurgadinb
    • an_Icewell_Sentinel increase MR CR
    • an_Icewell_Sentry increase MR CR HP
    • Chamberlain_Krystorf increase MR CR PR DR
    • Grand_Huntsman_Darral increase MR CR
    • Royal_Armorer_Slade increase MR CR PR DR
    • Royal Guardsmen increase MR
    • Royal_Scribe_Kaavin increase MR CR PR DR, increase respawn timer
    • Seneschal_Aldikar increase MR CR PR DR HP, add missing immunities, lower mindmg, lower maxdmg
Drogerin's Contributions:
  • Complained about not one, not two, but three leaves
    • Sorta, Kinda Fixed, But Not.
  • Fixed Rilgor Plegnog in Akanon's emote
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