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Patch for the Patch to fix the Patch


Staff member
Here are some but not all of the fixes.

  • EB Items fixed
  • Shared Bank spell desync fixed
  • Fixed some, but apparently not all items from casting in the inventory that shouldnt
  • Trader bags are no longer NoTrade
  • Fixed Gnomish Recharge kits for the 38671236th time
  • Waterstones Fixed
  • Spell: Mark of Kazad now stacks
  • Spell: Fury of Ro now stacks
  • Wintry Club Proc Fixed
  • Shiny Brass Idol Fixed
  • Enchanter Time Chest now has Aug Slot
  • Token Illusion items are NOT insta-cast and now fit in ammo\
  • Tons of Pathing Fixes
  • Erudites now have head coverings