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Patch Notes 5-11-2020


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Patcher Updated - Run It

  • Added the code back for casting pet buffs to not require them to be targeted
  • Undead will no longer flee at low hp

  • Issue #I0345 - A Book of Dark Bindings should work for research combines now.
  • Issue #I0400 - Innovators Hammer Proc is Fixed
  • Issue #I0398 - Wand of Ice clikcy spell Fixed
  • Issue #I0391 - Bow of Flames Proc is Fixed
  • Issue #I0389 - Ring of Flight should be fixed
  • Issue #0370 - Faydark Champions Long Sword Has been returned to its original non-charm style item ( https://web.archive.org/web/20020810223423/https://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=13775)
  • Issue #0369 - Ashbringer Proc is Fixed
  • Issue #I0368 - A Young Shardwurm should be mana tappable now
  • Issue #I0367 - an edlder shardwurm should be mana tappable now
  • Issue #I0365 - Salindrite Dagger now procs at the correct level
  • Issue #I0359 - Engraved Di'Zok Deathbringer proc is fixed
  • Issue #I0357 - Ring of Thunderous Spirits effect is fixed
  • Issue #I0356 - Ishinaear Xiall Proc is Fixed
  • Issue #XXXX - Mithril Battle Hammer Proc is Fixed
  • Issue #I0188 - Elaborate Hinge is no longer dropping as it is for a quest out of era.
  • Issue #I0204 - Enchanted Adamantite Jointing should return smithy hammer on fail now.
  • Issue #XXXX - Lute of the Howler can no longer be equipped with other instruments at the same time.

Expansion Work (Dev Server):
  • LoY Zones Added
  • LoY Zone Content Added (Mobs, Loot Tables, Pathing, Quests, Merchants, Foraging, Fishing)
  • Rathe Mountains Revamped
  • Frogloks Enabled
  • Tradeskills Added
  • All Spells added
  • 16 LoY (Non-LoY starting zone) quests added.
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