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Patchday 06/19/2020 @ 10am Eastern


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PATCHER UPDATED -- EXTENDED PATCH DAY - need to do some infra work. Expect a few hours.

Database (Trust):
  • Issue #I0559 - Sarnak Summoner`s Dagger Proc Fixed
  • Issue #I0558 - Elaborately Gilded Wooden Spear Bane Damage has been fixed
  • Issue #I0555 - Adjusted SellRate (Price from vendor) for Marble Statuette
  • Issue #I0552 - Shimmering Emerald Crystal has been fixed
  • Issue #I0551 - Bloodstained Robes now have the chest slot
  • Issue #I0545 - Adjusted some spawns in Dulak (While correct on Live, they create a situation where player toons can get stuck).
  • Issue #I0544 - LFay Respawn timers have been adjusted.
  • Issue #I0541 - CoDecay - Paffa should no longer Spawn/Despawn constantly in DZ's
  • Issue #I0537 - Some additional named disabled in PoValor instances
  • Issue #I0535 - Adjusted visable trap npc in Chardok
  • Issue #I0533 - Removed visual bug from Temple of Sol Ro Zonein (From Lavastorm).
  • Issue #I0532 - Steel Hilted Flint Dagger proc fixed
  • Issue #I0526 - Slime Blood of Cazic-Thule are no longer attuneable
  • Issue #I0523 - Spell: Mass Thicken Mana has been fixed
  • Issue #I0488 - Scepter of Calekor no longer listed as used in tradeskills
  • Issue #I0486 - Crystalline Serum has been fixed

Database (Regent):
  • Removed 4 erroneous wizard research combines (Ice Comet x2, Grav Flux, Supernova). Correct versions should still work.
  • Changed SK Ornate BP click from Black Shroud to Shroud of Death. It should be reverted in GoD.
  • Added Walrus Skin Drum to Siren Enticer's loot table.
  • Bats in Tenebrous Mountains have lost their faith in (the rune of) Karana.
  • Bastion of Thunder Braan giants have have sprouted more fungi. Fungus? Funguses? The green scale-looking thing.
  • Kaniz poachers rejoice. You finally have a use for their skins! Good luck finding blood...
  • Spire spirits in Mons Letalis have become more bold and will no longer flee.
  • Human model spirits in Twilight Sea and Mons Letalis should have their graphics fixed. Or made worse.
  • The correct version of Miller should spawn in Katta for the quest The Conspiracists: Arbogast and Miller.
  • Itemized the Calling Beasties event named and trash mobs in Fungus Grove.
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