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Patchday - 3-29-2020

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Patchday - 3-29-2020 @ 10am Eastern - Downtime 15-30minutes

PATCH REQUIRED - Run the Patcher!


  • Issue #F6380 - Praetorian Myral showing the DA hammer graphic even after being disarmed.
  • Issue #F6410 - Bottomless Box has been added to a number of NPC's in Luclin with a very low drop rate.
  • Issue #F6420 - Boots of Despair +20 agi was added to correct the item.
  • Issue #F6421 - Greaves of Furious Might +20 agi was added to correct the item.
  • Issue #F6422 - Pauldrons of Devastation stats reworked to be correct and added vengeance V.
  • Issue #F6423 - Earthen Bracer of Fortitude +20 agi was added to correct the item.
  • Issue #F6424 - Faceguard of Frenzy stats reworked to be correct.
  • Issue #F6509 - Chain Jointings are no longer required for their associated tradeskills.
  • Issue #F6425 - Fiery Crystal Guard +15 agi was added to correct the item.
  • Issue #F6427 - Honey Mush Bread is no longer missing and has been added to the correct vendors.
  • Issue #F6487 - Steamfont Kobolds haven been updated to work with the new client.
  • Issue #F6510 - Bonecrawler Hatchlings in Field of Bone now have proper respawn time.
  • Issue #F6526 - A Wrulon Sentry now has a small chance to drop Wrulon Eye and Band of the Risen.
  • Issue #F6538 - Metallic Liquid now drops from A Lumbering Beast in PoValor.
  • Issue #F6542 - Cazic Thule Ring of Fear's Avatar drops have been re-itemized.
  • Issue #F6551 - Hope Stone drops from additional PoFire and PoEarth mobs.
  • Issue #F6554 - Crystal Chitin Gauntlets now also drop from a blizzard hunter in Velks.
  • Issue #F6554 - Crystal Chitin Boots now also drop from a blizzard hunter in Velks.
  • Issue #F6554 - Crystal Chitin Armplates now also drop from a blizzard hunter in Velks.
  • Issue #F6554 - Crystal Chitin Leggings now also drop from a Frenzied Velium Broodling.
  • Issue #F6554 - Crystal Chitin Chestguard now also drop from The Brood Mother.
  • Issue #F6274 - Guard Kroon in West Freeport is now the correct level.
  • Issue #F6552 - Knight of Sathir in Karnors has had his loot drop rates adjusted and Oggok Cleaver added.
  • Issue #F6409 - Essence of Wind has been added to a number of NPCs drop list.
  • Issue #F6579 - Lieutenant Baelin Dwinn in PoValor no longer summons and his stats were updated to be more inline.
  • Issue #F6538 - Shadow Master Vinta was missing a spell in his spell set and also lowers the knockback distance a bit.
  • Issue #F6559 - Fixed Spikecoat clicky on items to cast and correct level of caster.
  • Issue #F5949 - Timespinner fixed for the last time... ever.
  • Issue #F6550 - Boar meat drops adjusted.
  • Issue #F6550 - A Young War Boar added to Tactics.
  • Issue #F6129 - Cleric Flappy Hammers are back to their correct functionality, without all those pesky exploitable methods (Shame on you).
  • Issue #F6432 - Greaves of Vengeful Fury now work as intended.
  • Issue #F6574 - Innance Camo will no longer pop the timer for Dire Charm.
  • Issue #F6345 - Emissary Glib in Oggok will now spawn, wait a few minutes and path to the exit of the zone and depop.
  • Issue #F6345 - Fixed Item #13370 to correctly drop from the Slayer Captain in Innothule.
  • Issue #F5968 - Yharrv Valorus in Dawnshroud now sells items.
  • Issue #F6122 - Fixed p2002 banker summon item cast text to have a space between name and casting text.
  • Issue #F6158 - Boots of Despair should have correct graphics/color now.
  • Issue #F6252 - Imbue Torment should correctly eat the Putrescent Blood.
  • Issue #F6516 - Wanderer's Sylvan Leggings should cast at the level of the caster now.
  • Issue #F6516 - Wanderer's Sylvan Tunic should cast at the level of the caster now.
  • Issue #F6486 - Recharging items (Anizok's) now use the Gnomish Recharge kits, you can buy the small one in PoK or tinkers can make the deluxe and collapsable ones.
  • Issue #I0069 - Kromif Elites in Eastern Wastes will now exit the buildings correctly.
  • Issue #F6594 - All TOFS keys are ringable now.
  • Issue #F6594 - Amontehepna can now spawn from any An Ancient Mummy Spawn point.
  • Issue #I0121 - Sunuva should no longer be in the way of Doldigun Steinwielder in Kael.
  • Issue #I0117 - A rain of spores will no longer be visible in Paludal.
  • Issue #I0110 - Shawl 8 Iceclad escort - Fixed first WP to be in the correct spot.
  • Issue #I0110 - Shawl 8 Iceclad escort - Fixed Giant from spawning underground.
  • Issue #I0124 - All Plane of Sky keys are no longer NoRent (Temporary). If you leave the zone however, when you come back they will be removed on zone-in.
  • Issue #I0135 - The Final Arbiter in Sleepers should no longer flee.
  • Issue #I0126 - PoM Maze port tree now works as intended (Yes its the wrong tree model, but it works).
  • Issue #I0138 - Fixed manastone to properly work in classic zones.
  • Issue #I0155 - A Haze Panther in Wakening Lands now has the correct model.

  • Issue #F6146 - ToFS port that wasn't grabbing the full group is now fixed.
Patcher Files
  • Issue #F6474 - Iksar Skellys have recently invested in some Crest Whitening Strips and no longer have Pink Teeth (This is live if you run the patcher).
  • Issue #I0082 - Gargoyles in Katta are now using the correct model (This is live if you run the patcher).
  • Issue #I0083 - Golems in ST are now using the correct model (This is live if you run the patcher).
Casino/Token Vendor Update!
I will not be giving a list of the exact items, these will need to be discovered!
  • Casino Revamp - See the Tier Changes Below:
    • Casino now accepts 1-4 tokens at once!
    • Some tiers have had their odds adjusted.
    • Token Tier - 1,2,5 Qty.
    • Food Tier - 5 Food Items (New).
    • Velious Gem Tier - Unchanged.
    • Booze Tier - 4 Booze Items (New).
    • 3rd Prize Tier - 7 Items - 3 Items are Old, 4 items are new.
    • 2nd Prize Tier - 7 Items - 2 Items are Old, 5 items are new.
    • Grand Prize Tier (Golden Ticket) - 11 Items - 7 Items are Old, 4 Items are New.
    • Note: Some tiers (Not Golden TIckets) have lore items and it will not check if you already have these items, so it is possible to lose out on a winning roll. It was this way on live and will stay in place.
  • Token Vendor Update - Items have been added to the Token Vendor, old items still exist (For Now!)
  • For every Gold Ticket Won, I will be deleveling Sylvanas by 1 level. Lets see if we can make it so he can't zone into Tranquility!
Note* If any item has been found to have exploits or unfair advantages, it can be changed or removed at anytime.

Side Note:

This was added to the game somewhere:

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