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Patchday 3-6-2020

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  • Issue #XXXX - PoInnovation - Bugs that are part of the MB Event no longer provide XP.
  • Feature Update:
    • Plane of Mischief's portal has been moved to Great Divide.
    • PoM's Cobalt Scar tree/port has moved to its v2 location.
  • Nerfed Sylvanas DPS by 30%
  • Feature Update:
    • Potion Belt is now Enabled
      • To open the potion belt window use 'shift P'.

        The Potion Belt allows for quick use of inventory items, such as potions or magical devices. To add a potion belt enabled item to the potion belt, simply put the item on your cursor and click in one of the belt slots. Then simply right click on the item to use it. Please note that not all clickable items are usable from the potion belt.
    • Bandolier is now Enabled
      • To open the Bandolier window use the 'B' key.

        The bandolier will provide you with a quick and easy way to wield your weapons in different predefined combinations. When a weapon set is activated, the bandolier switches the currently equipped weapons with as many of the weapon set items it can find in your inventory. To add a bandolier, first click on the slot that you want to fill. Then click the add button. You can name each set. The weapon set that will be saved as the weapons you currently have in your inventory (primary, secondary, range, and ammo slots). You can make hotbuttons out of the weapon sets for easy, quick swapping.
    • /Buyer /Barter is now enabled.
      • How to Set up a Buyer In EverQuest
        Setting up a buyer is very similar to a trader, with the main difference of buying items instead of selling them. Buyers must also set up in a different area then a Trader. To get started type "/buyer".

        EQ Buyer Window

        The item that you would like to buy, type it in where i have "Spiderling" typed in. A list of items that match your request will come up. Left click that item (It will have a white beam through it when you select it, like Spiderling Meat does in my window). Where it says "Compensation" pick one of the 4 coins and click on the "0". Set your price and hit accept. Then to the left of "Create Buy" type in how many you'd want to buy. After you've set up how many you want to buy and your price is already set up click "Create Buy"

        For the sake of argument I set Spiderling Silk to buy 10, for 1 plat each;

        EQ Barter Window

        Now in the upper right hand corner you can see "Spiderling Silk" with the white beam through it. "Cnt" stands for Count, which means I'm buying 10 of them. the "X" under "On" means that item is currently set for being purchased. After you've done this head to the bazaar center stall and click Start Barter. A picture of the area you need to be standing is below. (Stall with no rugs as it does not allow traders, just buyers).

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