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Patchday - 7-03-2020 @ 10am eastern


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Patcher will be updated on patch day.

  • Issue #I0587 - Fixed an issue with getting to the 7th Hammer, you will need to hold the key in your hand and activate the "Use" key which is defaulted to U when in the portal to port over.
  • Issue #I0585 - Respawn times adjusted in Misty Thicket
  • Issue #I0580 - Fixed attune flag on White Dragon Scale
  • Issue #I0579 - Fixed attune flag on Red Dragon Scale
  • Issue #I0576 - Blaize the Radiant now has item return logic
  • Issue #I0575 - Casting AA's will break FD
  • Issue #XXXX - Corpse Drag has been adjusted
  • Issue #I0574 - EW giants have had factions fixed.
  • Issue #I0573 - More named trimmed from DZ's
  • Issue #I0572 - Arbogast event in Katta has been fixed.
  • Issue #I0569 - Hammer of the Bloodleacher Proc has been fixed
  • Issue #I0566 - Fixed the missing spell fade message for Harmonize
  • Issue #I0560 - Fixed Cast on you spell text for Chorus of Marr
  • Issue #XXXX - Fixed some lingering anniversary code
  • Issue #I0525 - Call of Xuzl Fixed... Finally
  • Issue #I0557 - Sev and Gore's faces have been beaten into the correct order.
  • Issue #XXXX - Gram Dunnar has been adjusted, he will only give AA's and Charms to those 51 or higher.
  • Issue #I0577 - Frogloks no longer start with a guild letter. Frogloks starting quest line was added in TSS and is overpowered for our era.
  • Issue #F6873 - SSRA now correctly allows COTH to all areas except for Emp Floor
  • Issue #I0517 - Box Of The Guilty will now properly consume the container its combined in.
  • Issue #I0423 - Removed Arx Key saylink from Tilbok Furrunner
  • Issue #I0444 - Rebuilt Sebilis Path Mesh
  • Issue #I0390 - Rebuilt PoTactics Path Mesh
  • Issue #I0383 - Destroy Undead moved to GRW Spell Turnin for Necros
  • Issue #I0277 - Devin Traical's ready text is now clickable.
  • Issue #I0246 - a sabertooth tigress in OT are now larger
  • Issue #I0230 - Bungre Crawcrusher now properly responds to your Race text trigger.
  • Issue #I0219 - A Small Tree Frog in PoValor is once again a frog
  • Issue #I0175 - Ground Spawns in Misty Thicket have been lowered
  • Issue #XXXX - PoP Alt Flagging now applies to groups
  • Issue #XXXX - Seafuries Drop Rates Adjusted
  • Issue #DAER - HT Crit code, completely redesigned
  • Issue #DAERSFAULT - Everytime another guild kills quarm with HT, Unitys Lockouts get globally extended for 192 hours
  • Created 4th campfire spawn in Jaggedpine Forest that only spawns named mobs on a much longer respawn timer.
  • Changed Varien Sticklebush in Jaggedpine Forest to a chain wearing female instead of naked male.
  • Reduced respawn time of poachers in Jaggedpine Forest.
  • Updated Torgiran Events
  • Updated Nadox Events
  • Rathe Mountains:
    • Guard Shiznak now attacks drakes in his area
  • Necropolis
    • Neb - increase aggro radius, reduce min damage, increase max damage, quads, charm and mez immune, see invis, increase MR CR FR, increase respawn timer
    • Slani Veekilaleeki - reduce min damage, reduce max damage, increase respawn timer
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