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Plane of Power Release Date!!!!


Hello Adventurers! We are very excited to announce the launch date for P2002’s final expansion, Planes of Power. This has been the most intense development we have ever done. Huge amounts of zone by zone parsing was done to create an experience as close to the original as possible. Every quest and event was painstakingly re-created from all data we could locate. PoP will be released after server downtime on Tuesday May 29th. All zones will be included except the Plane of Time, which will be released at a later date. You must be 46 to zone into Plane of Tranquility, once there you can zone into Tier 1 zones. After that all zones are accessed via flags. There will be alternative flag quests for the following zones: Crypt of Decay, Plane of Tactics, Halls of Honor. All other alternative quests are out of era, just as level based flagging is. The 80/20 or Piggy rule is also NOT in effect on the server as it is out of era.

While on the topic of flagging, all players will be responsible for attaining their own flags. The flagging process has been heavily vetted and it works. You must do all pre-flags in ORDER to get the flags. Out of order flags is also OOE. Loreseeker Maelin in PoP will allow you to see your flag progression and help you figure out where you are. GM’s UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will be giving out flags, if there is a bug with the planar projection and all players in the raid cannot get flagged then have your raidleader petition immediately. To get flags you MUST be in the raid that killed the mob. There are 72 flags and it will only allow 1 player to get 1 flag, we have put in fail-safes to make sure there is no accidental double dipping(this was an issue at beginning of PoP on live)

Zones will be divided up into 3 different categories for raid guilds, fully instanced(think VT), partially instanced(think Seru), no instance. Partially instanced zones will have 2 Gozer’s, 1 in the raid area and 1 at the graveyard, if a corpse goes to the graveyard players must zone back in by the GY and go into the instance to get their corpse then go back into the open instance to get back to the raid area. Below is a breakdown of what zones are in what category.

No Instance:
  • Plane of Justice
    Plane of Nightmare
    Plane of Storms

Partially Instanced:
  • PODisease Grummus castle
    POInnovation Factory
    POValor Aerin Dar Area
    POTorment Saryn Tower
    Bastion of Thunder 2nd floor Lightning Phallus

Fully Instanced Zones:
  • Halls of Honor A
    Halls of Honor B
    Nightmare B
    Crypt of Decay
    Earth B
    Solro Tower

With the release of Plane of Power we will be closing character transfers. If you wish to have characters moved from one of your accounts to another please do so before then. Make new game accounts to make new characters, the time spent on these moves has just gotten to be too much.

Can't wait for release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you all enjoy it!!!! See you there!


6pm EST 5/29 will be roughly when we are bringing down servers to begin the patch. Hoping to have PoP up and going by 7pm EST.