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Project 2002: State of the AA

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The goal of this thread is to create a single location to summarize the current state of the Alternative Advancements (AA) available on P2002. The aim is to make sure players are apprised of any issues with each AA so they can use their best judgement prior to purchasing them. The list will be updated as new issues arise or old issues are remedied.

General Comments
  • A lot of effort was placed in trying to identify Era correct details for each AA.
    • When information was abundant, the AA was confirmed to match that information.
    • When less details were available, or details conflicted, a judgement call was made based on how other aspects of the game operate and based on what seemed fair or reasonable.
  • If you find an AA mechanic that you feel is incorrect, please fill out a bug report, using the correct template, and list all of the IN ERA sources you’ve found that suggest it should operate differently.
    • Data is King. The more you have the greater the likelihood you will sway me into adjusting how an AA behaves.
    • Before posting, be sure you’ve verified that the AA does NOT behave how you know it should (and you will know it should operate a certain way by properly researching it).
  • The server’s goal is a Planes of Power (PoP) Era experience. Just as with zones, items and classes, the goal of each AA is to reflect its state at the end of PoP, prior to the release of Legacy of Ykesha (LoY) (2/24/2003).
    • If an AA was released in Luclin and changed by the end of PoP, it will behave as it did at the end of PoP.
    • If an AA was released in PoP, but was released as a Luclin Tier AA, it will be available when Luclin releases.
    • If an AA was released in Luclin to a specific set of classes and additional classes were added prior to the end of PoP, those classes will have the AA available when Luclin releases.
      • One exception was made, giving Beastlord Mass Group Buff (MGB). See below for limitation.
  • In order to purchase Archetype AAs, you need to have spent 6 points in the General tree. In order to purchase Class AAs, you need to have spent 12 points in the Archetype tree. For most AAs this is not mentioned in the Requirements line of the description, but you will still need to meet these requirements before purchasing AAs in certain trees.

General (Luclin)
  • All AAs are fully functional and validated.
Archetype (Luclin)
  • All AAs are fully functional and validated.
Class (Luclin)
  • All AAs are fully functional and validated, except for the following:
  • Non-Functional (Disabled until functional)
    • Act of Valor
    • Scribble Notes
    • Flesh to Bone
    • Dragon Punch (Will be disabled next patch)
  • Other Notes
    • Quick Summoning – Cast bar/spell detail does not update. You will still cast summoning spells faster, though.
    • Jam Fest - Increased song benefits only apply to Bard. This is how it operated in era and was generally considered a bug. Overall, the difference is small, but it is something we are discussing correcting.
    • Paragon of Spirit - Not affected by MGB. This was not a valid combination in era even though BST will have MGB on our server.
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