Wayfarers Haven

Welcome to Wayfarers Haven. If you already had a Project 2002 account, it has been fully migrated and you can log in using it without registering for a new account. If you are new to the servers, Please Join us in our Haven!

Welcome to the Haven!

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I want to welcome everyone to the Haven. Firstly I want to ensure everyone that nothing is changing from how it was.

I have been with the community as a staff member for 3.5 years now, where Project 2002 has existed for nearly 3.75 years (Don't Quote me on the exact time-frames). During this time I have seen many changes, Most for the good, few for the not so good. I count myself lucky to have participated in the history of the server. During its life-cycle we have seen many staff members and players come and go, during one of these times, the founder Boragar had stepped away from administering the server. I took over full time ownership, however per the request. Boragar had asked that if we ever continue the server post Planes of Power, that I would change the servers name and release the domain to him. A list of tasks that will be done is below:
  • P2002.com will remain as a redirect to WayfarersHaven.com until the hosting runs out or Boragar decides to do something with the domain.
  • All Content from P2002 has been migrated including accounts to WayfarersHaven.com
  • A New server has been deployed at a new collocation for drastically less money and is much closer to one of our developers for more immediate hands on work if needed.
  • Server, Quest and Sanitized database will be open sourced and released for other servers to have access to. NOTE* Many of our era commits have already been pushed to the upstream EQEmu repository as part of our commitment to share enhancements.
Going forward we have huge plans! As many of you know, the community has spoken on adding additional content. Development is already in progress on Legacy of Ykesha and a new game client that will greatly increase the stability and quality of life on the client side. Currently our team is small and consists of:
  • Chunky - CSR
  • Dhampyre - CSR
  • Trust - Slackass
Eventually we will be looking to expand to a person who is comfortable with EQEmu Database Schema and Quests to help streamline our content growth. Until then, please hang in there while we do our best to continue to support the community. During this transition of the server name/equipment, we will be cleaning up the game forums and pruning out many old/unused sub-forums and posts. Also many posts will still reference Project 2002. We will not be editing these, so please keep that in mind when searching for a historical post. Along with the forum change comes some new account management tools made by Fergus/Omerta (Thank you so much!) This framework will allow some awesome new features. Currently it allows you to manage your game accounts but also see what characters you have on which account, Level and Zone Location. In the future we are hoping to expand this to a host of "Magelo" like features plus full account level searching of equipment.

However during this transition, we will also be missing some features in the short-term. Examples include:
  • Allaclone
  • Magelo
  • Bazaar Searching
  • Number of Logged in Players
  • Guild List
  • Server Character Statistics
Most of these features will be added and expanded on in the future, but we can only do so much with the time we have available.

The Project 2002 patcher will only be alive until the old collocation service is ended, then you will need to utilize the new WFH patcher, which you can download Here.

We ask that if you find anything that is broken or could be a risk while we are working on this transition, please post about it, or if its sensitive, you can message any of the staff members on Discord.

Welcome to our Haven!
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